Friday, 13 May 2016

Find things to do and places to go in Digital Exeter

Exeter is on fire at the moment, so many digital events so little time! 
Tech Nation report highlighting the growth of digital sector in Exeter. The arrival of Hub@TechExeter and the second Generator co-working space on the Quay, Exeter Science Park open for business. Those fab Cosmic people offering digital leadership courses. I can hardly keep up! 
Slight problem is knowing when everything is on and where to find out! Yes you can follow Twitter and Facebook feeds and email lists, use meetup app,  but not definitive!

I've made a list of the initiatives I know of here:

Hang out and work
Innovation Centre & Cafe - Exeter University
Exeter Science Park
Generator - Co working space Exeter
Exeter Library Meeting Rooms for hire
Exeter Phoenix Arts Centre
RAMM Museum, Art gallery & Cafe Exeter
Devon Work Hubs - work hubs dotted around Devon
Tech Exeter, community, conference and co-working space (formerly Exeter Web)

Maker Space: 

FabLab Devon - Exeter Central Library
Raspberry Pi Jam

Go to events:

Exeter Castle Demos pitch your business
Exeter Startup Weekends - Start a business in 54 hours Twitter: @innovexeter
Digital Exeter - talks and networking Twitter: @DigitalExeter
TechExeter - community and conference
EXIST - Science and Tech talks and networking Twitter: @ExIST_Exeter 
ODI Devon - open data - talks and networking Twitter: @ODIDevon
GeekCampX - sporadic geek fun and games Twitter: @GeekCampX

Many of these are also on  Download the app if you have a smartphone

Please comment on this blog with any I've missed and I'll update and add to the post. Hopefully it'll become a useful source of reference.

Happy Geeking!

Friday, 6 May 2016

Today's Mantra all the World's a stage! No I know I didn't write that..

But, always figure out who is doing what to whom in any story. Then you can look at where you fit in. Make sure that it's right. #joesmantras
its interesting to me that I watch stories unfolding on a daily basis and I see the events that unfold. What I  see is that people involved in those stories, sometimes even key actors, don't know where they fit in. They don't see what their part is, if any. They don't anticipate where to come in and when not to. They definitely don't realise that the plot is unfolding around them. They are unaware of the possible outcomes. So be aware, ask why you're invited? What is your part in this scenario, project, adventure? Do you have to play all the time or can you just come in when you're needed?
Running a good project is a bit like conducting and orchestra. Not everyone needs to play all the time. Bring them in when necessary. Don't involve them at every meeting they'll quickly get bored. Most scenarios I witness have too many players altogether. They play too often they all come in at once and they don't have a clue where they  fit in. Often it's my job to sort this out. I ask why are you here? Do you have the time and permission if you need it? when and where does your bit begin and end? How would you like to be kep informed? An oh yes here's the script and timings (plan) to enable you to know theses things. I'll be in touch....