Sunday, 6 November 2016

Make your messages stick

Clunk click every trip! You've been Tangoed... A quick Google will throw out many more memorable phrases, mostly, but not all used in advertising.If you're pitching or presenting, trying to galvanise an audience to support you or at least sit up and listen then a cool strap line or message is a must. When I pitched the startup weekend I chose 'one big beautiful map' as my line and I got the audience to repeat it back to me. It worked, I got chosen to form a team for the weekend and a great bunch of people got on board.

So how to create a great message?

I love the idea put forward by Martin Turner Chart (Communications micro-strategies, chartered Handbook, CIPR 2015. Chapter 11) he suggests you use the acronym:ICE COLD 
Based on Advertising Standards Authority research 2002 Messages Should be:

  • Informative - people like to hear and act on things that make them more informed
  • Clever - people act and like messages that are clever in an entertaining sense
  • Enter popular culture -  messages that enter daily use multiply their effectiveness (daily use – clunk click)
Chart adds to this:

  • Crisp -  eye takes in 18 letters in one go, the ear is attuned to rhythmic phrases
  • Obviously true -  the message should not need explanation or defence
  • Linger in the mind -  memorable
  • Decisive -  they lead the audience to complete the outcome

Three clear messages in the pitch are the max that people can take in.
I like this because it encourages creativity and allows me to create something memorable and easily repeated. Don't forget clunk click every trip, the future is orange and you can Google it!

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